Did you know that 80% of how we learn, grow, and experience the world around us is through our eyes? If that is the case, why do so many of us neglect or mistreat them?

New Vision Family Eye Care’s culture was founded on the principle that when you improve your perception and outlook on life, your dreams become your reality. You are limited if you can’t see past your current circumstances.

With a focus on preventative care, we prefer to take care of issues BEFORE they become a problem, resulting in an enhanced quality of life well into later adulthood. However, we meet people everyday who come in after a preventable problem has gotten worse or far gone. We specialize in restoring people back to optimum visual and ocular health, leading to an enhanced quality of life.

When you choose personalized Eye Care you choose:

  • Complete and Thorough Eye Exams for all ages
  • Personalized/Customized care from start to finish
  • Convenient services (such as texting communication, secure emailed documents, online appointment booking/payments, home delivery for contact lens orders)
  • Evening and Weekend Hours
  • Emergency and Urgent Eye Care

Feel free to explore our website and check out our News and Offers page regularly to get exclusive offers and the most recent happenings in our office.