WHY Choose Personalized Eye Care?

YOU only get one pair of eyes in this life. And your eyes are unique to YOU.

At New Vision Family Eye Care, we don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” method to eye care that many eye care offices prescribe to in our society today. And we don’t believe insurance should dictate how we care for our patients. That’s why, from the day we opened our doors, we made it our mission to treat each patient like family, providing an unmatched personalized eye care AND eyewear experience.

With that in mind, New Vision Family Eye Care is in the business of making and keeping YOUR eyes healthy. Based on YOUR needs and lifestyle…

why we are passionate about personalized eye care

Dry Eye Relief Clinic

Can you imagine a life without itching, burning, or tearing? Do you long to read comfortably for hours at the computer or on your Kindle or even a simple paperback book without wanting to claw your eyes out due to dryness?

THE GOOD NEWS: It’s possible! As long as you have the right approach to diagnosis, treatment and/or management of dry eye disease.

The BAD news: There are very few offices that take the right approach.
The BEST news: We are glad to say that New Vision Family Eye Care is one of the few!!!

Find Out How

Vision Correction Surgery Care

Great vision correction surgery outcomes are not just in the surgery itself, it is also crucial to have the proper pre-surgery and post-surgery care. With only one pair of eyes, this is an investment you are making that can change your life. Go through that journey with New Vision Family Eye Care as we aid in the screening process for LASIK and other Refractive Correction surgeries, pointing you in the right direction for the most trusted SURGICAL Centers, and guiding you through the short but crucial post-surgery healing process. Read More

What Do Your Glasses Say About You

Your face is one of the first things people see when they look at you. and your eyes are the main way you experience the world. Your glasses can enhance or take-away from who you are, so it is crucial that you pick the right pair of frames and lenses. Because of our focus on the customization and personalization of the experience for each patient, we make sure you never leave the office with a pair of glasses that you are not happy with, or a frame that you won’t get lots of compliments on.The Perfect Fit Method


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